Ashley's Animals

  Ashley's Animals

Colors We Offer


Standard Grey

Also known as classic grey.  This is the most common color.

Black Beauty

A darker version of standard grey.

White Face Grey

This glider is missing the black bars beneath the ears that extend under the chin, but has a normal grey body.

White Face Blonde

A glider with a light grey/blonde coat and no bars under the ears.


A glider with patches of white fur.

Platinum Colored Mosaic

A glider with light silver fur and white patches.

White Mosaic

A primarily white glider with a few grey hairs and/or spotted ears.


Also known as BEW (black eyed white).  

This glider is completely white with black eyes.


A sugar glider with a light silver colored coat.


A sugar glider with a creamy colored coat and light beige markings along with garnet eyes.

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